Manifesto (English translation)

door naamlozevennoot

Manifesto, written by De Naamloze Vennootschap, in support of Occupy Amsterdam gathering october 15. De Naamloze Vennootschap is a political writing collective. The name refers to the Dutch term for a public limited company, but translated literally it would mean something like “Nameless Company”.

NOTE: De Naamloze Vennootschap is NOT Occupy Amsterdam. We do not know (yet) who will be Occupy Amsterdam – but we hope it will be grand!


Who are we? We are people who are furious. We are present here and represent ourselves. We have not come bearing fitting solutions but to give voice to our anger. We are furious because our anger is being declared unrealistic by those who are supposed to represent us. Our anger has so far not been heard in politics, in the trade unions and in the press, because they do not have a language at their disposal that is capable of putting our anger into words. We are looking for that language and start with our fury.

  •  We are furious because our society is being demolished in favor of a morally bankrupt banking system.
  •  We are furious because economical thought is being reduced to market thinking.
  •  We are furious because we are forced to put our lives into the service of sustaining eternal economic growth instead of bettering our own lives and that of the people around us.
  •  We are furious because our politicians do not believe in politics but only in crisis management.
  •  We are furious because our fundamental democratic right has degenerated into the right to choose between different versions of the status quo once every four years.
  •  We are furious because the sick and those who live with a disability are no longer being supported in their attempts to live a worthy life.
  •  We are furious because for people who come to seek asylum life as such is being made impossible in this country.
  •  We are furious because people are being declared illegal.
  •  We are furious because people are being structurally shut out from our society.
  •  We are furious because we have an asylum policy that drives people to commit suicide and we are furious because such acts do not lead to political consequences.
  •  We are furious because people who try to break through the status quo are being declared mad, criminalized, locked up. All this just to avoid having to talk to them.
  •  We are furious because we all have to be the freelancers of our own lives, and because existential insecurity and a fully privatized responsibility for our own survival have become a mandatory way of living.
  •  We are furious because, in the absence of structural change, more cops in the streets will not contribute to a sense of safety, but increase our sense that life is not safe.
  •  We are furious because being a cop should be something better than simply keeping a manic security regime going and achieving bureaucratically determined targets.
  •  We are furious because our private data has become a commodity.
  •  We are furious because we are being reduced to consumers.
  •  We are furious because public space is being privatized and the comfort of shoppers is being used as an excuse to ban protests.
  •  We are furious because in reference to austerity measures all fundamental debate is being stifled from the start.
  •  We are furious because the financial crisis is being used to make destruction legitimate.
  •  We are furious because public transport is being cut while billions are being invested in roads.
  •  We are furious because free art, free science and free nature are being broken in favor of a free market.
  •  We are furious because we are forced to think internationally when banks and companies benefit from it, but we suddenly have to talk about ‘lazy Greeks’ when something goes wrong.
  •  We are furious because our government and our opposition are vying with one another to pitch austerity measures while nobody is questioning why they should be necessary.
  •  We are furious because public money is being pumped around as private capital.
  •  We are furious because saving the financial sector has cost tens of billions of euros in this country, while nothing is being done to prevent such things from happening in the future.
  •  We are furious because the crisis is being paid for by the lower end of society, while a top layer of 10% of the Dutch population commands 60% of all capital.
  •  We are furious because an operation to save the banks, that have loaned money to Greece on their own risk, is being presented in demagogic fashion as an act of saving a country.
  •  We are furious because this world is being presented as the best of all possible worlds.

What do we have in common with those who are camping on Wall Street, in Greece and in Spain? With the protesters in the Maghreb and the Middle East? With people whose existence is being branded illegal? With people whose medical budget is being cut? That no place exists for our anger within the existing political order. That’s why we are here.

We see our presence here as a first speaking of a common language.

– De Naamloze Vennootschap


(A DIY version is now being written by people who have points of their own to add.)

Also, everybody is invited to share & forward & copy & re-publish & mutliply this text!